hiding eyesores in the homeWhether you own a home or are renting, there will always be areas of your home that might not be the most pleasing to the eye but are purely functional. No matter how much effort you put into designing your space, these aspects will always be there but with a little creativity, you no longer have to live with the distracting effect of an AC unit or radiator.

Disguise Your Fuse Box

Fuse boxes are crucial for your homes infrastructure but when they are built into inconvenient areas, such as the middle of the wall in your kitchen, you can’t help but be distracted by them. Instead of dealing with the eyesore, cover it up! That picture or piece of art you’ve been dying for? Hang it up above the fuse box so it comes the door.

If you can’t find a piece of art that you like that fits over the fuse box, set aside some time one day and DIY it! Whether a wood panel quote sign or using stencils to pain designs on a drop cloth, whatever you design will be perfect for the space.

Hide Your Router in Pretty Storage Boxes

Let’s face it: Your router and WiFi box aren’t the best décor for your new space. As necessary pieces of equipment in order to access the internet, get work done, or look up the closest Chinese food restaurant, hiding them is your only option. If you don’t have a drawer you can tuck them in, fancy storage boxes are not only pretty but will hide them perfectly! Just cut a small hole in the back of them for wires.

Ugly Fridge? Wallpaper It!

Before you break out the wallpaper, wallpaper glue, and flush your security deposit down the drain – Keep reading!

One of the best new home décor trends is removable wallpaper. It’s easy to apply, you won’t be losing out on your security deposit, and it comes in all different colors and patterns. If your fridge has seen better days, apply removable wallpaper to its surface to instantly brighten up your space.

Hide Your Printer in a Drawer

Printers are not only an eyesore but also take up a lot of table (or counter) space. Instead, apply utility hinges to a dresser or desk drawer and place your printer inside. You’ll be able to hide it in a way that is easy to utilize when you need to!

Hide Wire Shelving

Hate the look of the wiring shelving in your pantry and closets? Give it a face lift with a little bit of molding and MDF boards!

Get the full instructions on how to do this here.

Hid Your Pets Dishes in a Drawer

Do you hate looking at your pets’ dishes on the floor? We don’t blame you! To get them out of sight but still easily accessible, turn a bottom drawer of a storage unit into a pet-feeding area.

Decorate Your Laundry Machines with Electrical Tape

Get creative and decorate your washing machine and dryer with electrical tape! From stripes to polka dots and zig zags, the options are endless. When it comes time to move, the tape is easily removable.

Move Your Charging Station to a Drawer

Avoid build up of chargers and other cables on your countertops by moving them into a drawer! With the space in the back of the drawer, pull in a power strip to conveniently charge your electronics without being seen.