Purchasing a car is a big investment and taking proper care of it will help it run smoothly for years to come. At 1809 at Winchester, our team acknowledges how important the ease of regular maintenance is, which is why we have a car care center for our residents to use on the 1809 at Winchester property!

Car Care Center Features

During the warm season, our car care center can be accessed by residents 24/7 and includes:

  • Self-service wash station
  • Self-service vacuum station

Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Your Car

  • Wash with the right products. Using a dishwashing liquid can shorten the life of your car’s paint job, so be sure you’re only using products made specifically for vehicles to protect your vehicles finish.
  • Looking for a mirror finish? Use a synthetic wax! Apply the wax with an applicator in a swirling motion before wiping it away with a microfiber towel to reveal a mirror finish.
  • Remove ink stains easier than ever with a leather cleaning kit. Life happens and stains will occur in your car. Avoid them becoming permeant by using a leather-cleaning kit to remove ink, dye transfers, and lipstick marks right after they happen.
  • Think outside of the box with your tools. Air vents can be hard to clean but with an artist’s brush, you can easily get the dust that’s hard to reach! Artists brushes can also be used to apply polish and get debris out of your seat’s creases.